Piece Hall

Posted by darren - octubre 5th, 2017

The Piece Hall is a Grade I listed building in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England. It was built as a cloth hall for handloom weavers to sell the woollen cloth “pieces” they had produced. It opened on 1 January 1779, with 315 separate rooms arranged around a central open courtyard. As factories started up in the early nineteenth century the trade in handwoven wool declined and around 1815 the rules were changed to allow the sale of cotton goods.

The Piece Hall reopened on 1 August 2017, after a £19 million restoration project started in 2014.[citation needed]

An 1831 description of the Piece Hall says:

The Piece Hall was erected by the manufacturers and is a large quadrangular building of freestone occupying an area of ten thousand square yards with a rustic basement storey and two upper storeys fronted with two interior colonnades which are spacious walks leading to arched rooms where goods in an unfinished state were deposited and exhibited for sale to the merchants every Saturday from ten to twelve o clock. This structure which was completed at an expense of £12,000 and opened on 1 January 1779 unites elegance convenience and security. It contains three hundred and fifteen separate rooms and is proof against fire.

The Piece Hall closed on 16 January 2014 for redevelopment work, which has repaired and conserved the building in-keeping with its Grade-I listing, as well as installing new services. A three-storey extension has also been constructed at the south-eastern corner of the building, between the Square Church spire site and Square Chapel.

After reopening, which took place on 1 August 2017, the Piece Hall will be a centre of trade, culture and heritage – continuing a tradition stretching back well over two centuries. The 66,000-square-foot (6,100 m2) open-air piazza will be enclosed by a mix of independent bars, restaurants, shops, cafés and creative businesses. There will also be a visual arts gallery and the stories of Georgian Halifax will be told in a state-of-the-art heritage centre and interpretation spaces. The courtyard will be home to a rolling events programme that will include music concerts white football uniforms, film seasons, outdoor site-specific theatre and dance clear thermos, sculpture, markets, ice rinks and sporting events.

The venue will be independently managed by the Piece Hall Trust, a charity responsible for realising the new vision for the Piece Hall. Its activities will “promote the conservation, protection and improvement of the environment by the preservation of the Piece Hall as a historic building and advance the education of the public in arts, sciences and history

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The Piece Hall is in a central part of Halifax. It is located at the heart of a new Cultural Quarter for the town which takes in the neighbouring sites of Halifax Square Chapel Centre for the Arts, Orangebox Young People’s Centre and the Central Library and Archive (which opened in September 2017). Through the Piece Hall’s North Gate is the Woolshops Shopping Centre, whilst from the West Gate can be found the historic Borough Market. The Piece Hall is close to both Halifax bus station and Halifax railway station glass water bottle australia.

On the exterior of the Piece Hall close to the West Gate are a pair of handprints, there are a number of folklore tales surrounding these prints – one states the handprints are cursed, as over the years attempts to eradicate them have failed.[citation needed]

The 1996 film, Brassed Off featured a scene set and filmed on location at the Piece Hall. In the film it is the location of the National Brass Band Championships – Yorkshire Area Qualifying Contest.

Also Maestro Music, once a successful music shop in the Piece Hall (until it closed due to the redevelopment work), had been the setting for a comedy sketch for BBC3.[citation needed]


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Karima Adebibe

Posted by darren - febrero 2nd, 2017

Karima Adebibe (Londra, 14 febbraio 1985) è una modella e attrice britannica. È la modella che ha interpretato Lara Croft white football uniforms, famosa eroina dei videogames nella sua settima e ottava avventura.

Adebibe è nata a Bethnal Green, un distretto di Tower Hamlets (Londra) insulated water bottle stainless steel, il 14 febbraio del 1985 da padre marocchino e da madre inglese di origini irlandesi e greco-cipriote. Ha lavorato come commessa di un atelier della Capitale, e per arrotondare lo stipendio ha calcato le passerelle come modella, riuscendo ad apparire anche nelle pubblicità televisive della Coca-Cola e di Manhattan Cosmetics, oltre ad ottenere la copertina di Plurielle Magazine jogging water bottle belt.

Ha eseguito alcuni servizi fotografici. Alle spalle conta una piccola apparizione nel film Alien vs. Predator camelbak water bottle, nel quale ha il ruolo della vittima sacrificale. Dal 2006 diventa testimonial di Tomb Raider: Legend, noto videogame, interpretando Lara Croft, la protagonista del gioco.

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Mus (Francja)

Posted by darren - enero 24th, 2017

Mus – miejscowość i gmina we Francji, w regionie Oksytania white football uniforms, w departamencie Gard.

Według danych na rok 1990 gminę zamieszkiwało 768 osób, a gęstość zaludnienia wynosiła 295 osób/km² (wśród 1545 gmin Langwedocji-Roussillon Mus plasuje się na 409. miejscu pod względem liczby ludności, natomiast pod względem powierzchni na miejscu 1099 custom sock manufacturers.).

Aigaliers • Aigues-Mortes • Aigues-Vives • Aiguèze • Aimargues • Aramon • Argilliers • Arpaillargues-et-Aureillac • Aspères • Aubais • Aubord • Aubussargues • Aujargues • Bagnols-sur-Cèze • Baron • Beaucaire • Beauvoisin • Bellegarde • Belvézet • Bernis • Bezouce • Blauzac • Boissières • Bouillargues • Bourdic • Cabrières • Caissargues • Calvisson • Carsan • Castillon-du-Gard • Caveirac • Cavillargues • Chusclan • Clarensac • Codognan • Codolet • Collias • Collorgues • Combas • Comps • Congénies • Connaux • Cornillon • Crespian • Dions • Domazan • Estézargues • Flaux • Foissac • Fons • Fons-sur-Lussan • Fontanès • Fontarèches • Fournès • Fourques • Gajan • Gallargues-le-Montueux • Garons • Garrigues-Sainte-Eulalie • Gaujac • Générac • Goudargues • Issirac • Jonquières-Saint-Vincent • Junas • La Bastide-d’Engras • La Bruguière • La Calmette • La Capelle-et-Masmolène • La Roque-sur-Cèze • La Rouvière • Langlade • Laudun-l’Ardoise • Laval-Saint-Roman • Le Cailar • Le Garn • Le Grau-du-Roi • Le Pin • Lecques • Lédenon • Les Angles • Lirac • Lussan • Manduel • Marguerittes • Meynes • Milhaud • Montagnac • Montaren-et-Saint-Médiers • Montclus • Montfaucon • Montfrin • Montignargues • Montmirat • Montpezat • Moulézan • Moussac • Mus • Nages-et-Solorgues • Nîmes • Orsan • Parignargues • Pont-Saint-Esprit • Pougnadoresse • Poulx • Pouzilhac • Pujaut • Redessan • Remoulins • Rochefort-du-Gard • Rodilhan • Roquemaure • Sabran • Saint-Alexandre • Saint-André-d’Olérargues • Saint-André-de-Roquepertuis • Saint-Bauzély • Saint-Bonnet-du-Gard • Saint-Chaptes • Saint-Christol-de-Rodières • Saint-Clément • Saint-Côme-et-Maruéjols • Saint-Dézéry • Saint-Dionizy • Saint-Étienne-des-Sorts • Saint-Geniès-de-Comolas • Saint-Geniès-de-Malgoirès • Saint-Gervais • Saint-Gervasy • Saint-Gilles • Saint-Hilaire-d’Ozilhan • Saint-Hippolyte-de-Montaigu • Saint-Julien-de-Peyrolas • Saint-Laurent-d’Aigouze • Saint-Laurent-de-Carnols • Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres • Saint-Laurent-la-Vernède • Saint-Mamert-du-Gard • Saint-Marcel-de-Careiret • Saint-Maximin • Saint-Michel-d’Euzet • Saint-Nazaire • Saint-Paul-les-Fonts • Saint-Paulet-de-Caisson • Saint-Pons-la-Calm • Saint-Quentin-la-Poterie • Saint-Siffret • Saint-Victor-des-Oules • Saint-Victor-la-Coste • Sainte-Anastasie • Salazac • Salinelles • Sanilhac-Sagriès • Sauveterre • Sauzet • Saze • Sernhac • Serviers-et-Labaume • Sommières • Souvignargues • Tavel • Théziers • Tresques • Uchaud • Uzès • Vallabrègues • Vallabrix • Vallérargues • Valliguières • Vauvert • Vénéjan • Verfeuil • Vergèze • Vers-Pont-du-Gard • Vestric-et-Candiac • Villeneuve-lès-Avignon • Villevieille

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