Maggie Pierce

Posted by darren - julio 31st, 2017

Pour améliorer la vérifiabilité de l’article, merci de citer les sources primaires à travers l’analyse qu’en ont faite des sources secondaires indiquées par des notes de bas de page ().

Le docteur Margaret « Maggie » Pierce est un personnage de fiction de la série Grey’s Anatomy incarné par Kelly McCreary.

Le personnage fait sa première apparition dans l’épisode 23 de la saison 10.

Margareth Pierce est une chirurgienne spécialisée en chirurgie cardio-thoracique. On la voit pour la première fois au Grey-Sloan Memorial lors de son entretien d’embauche avec Cristina Yang

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, qui lors des jours suivants, la malmènera. À la fin de cet épisode, on retrouve assis sur un banc, devant l’hôpital, Maggie et Richard Webber. Elle se confie sale football shirts, et apprend à Richard qu’elle a été adoptée, et qu’il est difficile pour elle, de voir le nom de sa mère partout dans l’hôpital; Richard lui demande alors qui est sa mère, elle lui répond : Ellis Grey. Richard comprend, que devant lui se trouve sa fille.

Par la suite, Meredith apprend la nouvelle, et refuse de reconnaître le Dr Pierce comme sa sœur : les deux femmes ne s’entendent pas. Pour Meredith, cela ne peut être vrai. Après avoir fait des recherches avec Alex childrens football jerseys, Meredith se rend à l’évidence : Maggie est sa sœur reusable water bottles. Quant à Richard, lorsque Maggie apprend qu’il est son père biologique, elle décide de ne plus lui parler, car il ne lui a pas avoué sa véritable identité durant leur première discussion.

Meredith accepte, un peu plus tard, d’ouvrir les portes de son passé à Maggie, notamment en lui donnant un journal d’Ellis Grey, pour que cette dernière connaisse mieux sa mère biologique. Lorsque Derek apprend la véritable identité de Maggie, il l’accueille à bras ouverts dans la famille (contrairement à Meredith quelques épisodes plus tôt)

Meredith et Derek décident d’organiser un repas en compagnie de Maggie et de Richard, mais l’heure du repas venue, Richard et Maggie se retrouvent devant la maison de Meredith et Derek mais ces derniers n’ouvrent pas. Le lendemain, Maggie est en colère contre Meredith et Derek. Meredith qui ressent alors une légère culpabilité décide d’inviter Maggie à boire un verre avec des amis dans un lieu symbolique : la maison d’Ellis Grey (qui appartient à Alex désormais.)

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The Surgery Ship

Posted by darren - julio 31st, 2017

The Surgery Ship is a documentary film (2014) and documentary TV series (2016) based on the real life events filmed onboard the hospital ship the “Africa Mercy”.

The single feature documentary was first commissioned in 2012 by Australian TV broadcaster SBS (Special Broadcast Service) free football jersey. Filming took place when the Africa Mercy was docked in Conakry, Guinea in 2012-2013 bpa free glass bottles. The completed film was broadcast in December 2013 in Australia followed by international festival release in 2014 of the longer feature documentary.

In 2015 National Geographic commissioned The Surgery Ship as an eight episode series. Filming commenced on board the ship again in August 2016. The series is due for broadcast mid 2017 on National Geographic Channel.

The Africa Mercy hospital ship is run by non-governmental organisation “Mercy Ships” an international charity which has run hospital ships, primarily in West Africa since 1982. Mercy Ships offer surgical aid. Mercy Ships operates in primarily in West Africa, although recently it visited Madagascar for two field services.

The TV broadcast of The Surgery Ship garnered many positive reviews including major Australian newspapers such as the Sydney Morning Herald, TV Tonight, News toothpaste dispenser & Global Health Gateway

The Surgery Ship single feature documentary has been successful screening at multiple festivals and winning a number of awards including Best Film at the Sarasota International Film festival.

The Surgery Ship is produced by Media Stockade an independent film production company specialising in documentary films philip shaver house.

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Rachid Belkacem

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Rachid Belkacem (1973 – July 5, 2006) was a Dutch national, and a suspected member of the terrorist organisation Hofstad Network. He was never convicted in court. His nickname was Abu Fadel, he was a friend of Mohammed Bouyeri, the murderer of Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh what is tenderizing meat.

Belkacem was arrested in Whitechapel, London on 22 June 2005 on request of the Dutch authorities. Belkacems name arose in an investigation about people smuggling in the Dutch province of Zeeland. He was extradited on 2 August 2005. He was charged with being a member of a terrorist organisation. In addition he was charged with recruiting for armed struggle, several firearms offences and forging documents. Belkacem allegedly helped Redouan al-Issar, spiritual leader of the Hofstad Network, flee the Netherlands on the day of the murder of Theo van Gogh water bottle fanny pack running.

Belkacem was released provisionally in March 2006, because the public prosecutor deemed an eventual conviction for membership of a terrorist organisation highly unlikely waist pack for running. In April he was acquitted of the illegal possession of a firearm.

In July 2006, Belkacem was found dead in his house in Zierikzee. Friends and family claimed he was poisoned. Police investigated the circumstances of his death.

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36th Academy Awards

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The 36th Academy Awards, honoring the best in film for 1963, were held on April 13, 1964, at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium in Santa Monica, California. They were hosted by Jack Lemmon.

Best Picture winner Tom Jones became the only film in history to garner three Best Supporting Actress nominations; it also tied the Oscar record of five unsuccessful acting nominations, set by Peyton Place at the 30th Academy Awards commercial tenderizer.

This year’s winner for Best Actress category was unique. Although playing a supporting role and having a relatively small amount on the screen, Patricia Neal won the Best Actress category for her lead (or supporting) role in Hud. The movie also won for Best Supporting Actor for Melvyn Douglas and Best Cinematography – Black and White. It was the second and, to date, last film to win two acting awards without being nominated for Best Picture (the other being The Miracle Worker).

At age 71 Margaret Rutherford set a then record for the oldest winner for Best Supporting Actress. Coincidentally, the year before Patty Duke set a then record for the youngest winner ever. Rutherford was also only the 2nd Oscar winner to be over the age of 70 at the time of her win. The other was Edmund Gwenn.

This was the only time in the history of the Academy Awards that all Best Supporting Actress nominees were born outside of the United States.

This was the first time a Black actor won Best Actor, and the first time a winning film (An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge) had been aired on network television before the ceremony.

Sammy Davis Jr. announced the winner in the category scoring of music, adaptation or treatment but was given the envelope with the name of a winner in a different category (score, substantially original).

Best Sound Editing was introduced this year steak tenderizing methods, with It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World winning the award.

Winners are listed first and highlighted with boldface

These films had multiple nominations:

The following films received multiple awards.

Sidney Poitier’s performance in the Lilies of the Field as Homer Smith earned him an award for Best Actor in a Leading Role. This marked the first time a Black male won a competitive Oscar (Poitier is Bahamian-American). This win came five years after his nomination for Best Actor in the 1958’s The Defiant Ones.

The first African-American male would not win Best Actor until 2001 when Denzel Washington won for his portrayal of Alonzo Harris in Training Day.

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Nelson (elv)

Posted by darren - julio 31st, 2017

Nelson er ei elv i den canadiske provinsen Manitoba. Den er 2 575 km lang (medregnet tilløpselver), med en middelvannføring på 2370 m³/s, og et nedbørfelt på 982 900 km², hvorav 180 000 km² i USA.

Hovedelva Nelson starter fra Lake Winnipeg how to use papaya to tenderize meat, og renner herfra 644 km nordøstover til Hudson Bay. Den renner fra Lake Winnipegs nordlige spiss, og renner gjennom Cross Lake, Sipiwesk Lake, Split Lake og Stephens Lake.

Inn i Lake Winnipeg renner elvene Saskatchewan, Red River og Winnipeg. Nedenfor Lake Winnipeg er de viktigste sideelvene Grass River og Burntwood River.

Elva munner ut i Hudson Bay ved Port Nelson (som nå er øde), like nord for Hayes River og York Factory. Andre steder langs elva er Bird, Sundance, Long Spruce, Gillam, Split Lake, Arnot, Crosslake free drink bottles, og Norway House.

Elva ble navngitt av Sir Thomas Button, en walisisk oppdagelsesreisende fra St. Lythans, Glamorganshire, som overvintret ved munningen av elva i 1612. Den er oppkalt etter Robert Nelson, en skipskaptein som døde der. Området ble kjempet om på grunn av pelshandelen, men det var elva Hayes, som munner ut like ved Nelson, som ble hovedruta inn i landet.

I dag gjør Nelsons store vannføring og lange fall den vel egnet til produksjon av vannkraft. Dette har ført til bitre konflikter med urbefolkningen i området, som har fått landområder oversvømt av allerede gjennomførte utbygginger og truet av planlagte prosjekter.

Fort Nelson, en historisk handelspost for Hudson’s Bay Company, lå ved munningen av Nelson ved Hudson Bay, og var en av de viktigste handelspostene tidlig på 1700-tallet. Etter hans avgjørende rolle i etableringen av Hudson’s Bay Company, ble den kjente franske oppdagelsesreisende Pierre Esprit Radisson hoveddirektør ved Fort Nelson under en av hans lange perioder i tjeneste for England. I dag eksisterer ikke Fort Nelson lenger.

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Tigerenten Club

Posted by darren - julio 31st, 2017

Ehemalige Moderatoren

Der Tigerenten Club ist eine deutsche Fernsehunterhaltungssendung für Kinder, die vom Südwestrundfunk für die ARD produziert und samstags und sonntags im Ersten sowie im KiKA und im rbb Fernsehen ausgestrahlt wird. Sein Name leitet sich ab von der fiktiven Janosch-Figur der Tigerente.

Der Tigerenten Club wurde als Nachfolgesendung des zuvor auf diesem Sendeplatz ausgestrahlten Disney Clubs konzipiert, dessen Moderatoren anfänglich auch übernommen wurden. Die erste Ausgabe der Sendung wurde am 6. Januar 1996 ausgestrahlt. Die Idee zum Tigerenten Club hatte der SWR-Regisseur Joachim Lang, der auch das Konzept entwickelte und als erster Regie führte.

Am 15. Dezember 2007 startete der Tigerenten Club mit neuem Konzept, neuem Studio und einer neuen Moderatorin (Katharina Gast). Am 4. Januar 2009 kam ein weiterer Moderator hinzu: Pete Dwojak. Zwei Schulklassen treten jeweils als Tigerenten- und Fröscheteam zusammen mit ihren Lehrern in Spielen gegeneinander an. Das Verliererteam schickt seinen Lehrer am Ende des Spiels baden, die Gewinnerklasse erhält außerdem Sachpreise. Gemeinsam mit Herzenssache e.V., der Kinderhilfsaktion von SWR, SR und den Sparda-Banken Südwest und Baden-Württemberg, suchen die Teilnehmer ein Projekt aus, das sie gerne unterstützen möchten, um bedürftigen Kindern zu helfen. Herzenssache stellt diesen Projekten einen Preis zur Verfügung.

Seit dem 6 how to tenderize meat without tenderizer. Mai 2012 moderiert Muschda Sherzada den Tigerenten Club im Ersten. Mit dem Wechsel bekam die Sendung auch ein neues Konzept mit neuen Spielen und einigen Überraschungen. Am 10. März 2013 moderierte Pete Dwojak gemeinsam mit Muschda und dem Gast Oliver Pocher seine letzte Sendung und verabschiedete sich nach vier Jahren aus dieser Sendung. Der Moderator Lukas Nimscheck war vom 31. März 2013 bis 9. März 2014 im Einsatz. Seit 23. März 2014 moderiert Malte Arkona die Sendung wieder und war bis 28. Mai 2017 zu sehen

Der Tigerenten Club organisiert seit 2005 Mitmachaktionen, wie zum Beispiel Afrika, Afrika im Jahr 2006 oder Augen auf – Kamera läuft in den Jahren 2007 und 2008. 2010 veranstaltete der Tigerenten Club einen Filmwettbewerb: „Zukunft – Action“. Hier konnten Kinder selbst gedrehte Filme zum Thema Zukunft einreichen. Am 11. Januar 2011 wurden die Gewinner in fünf Kategorien veröffentlicht.

Der Tigerenten Club wird vom SWR produziert und im Stauferpark in Göppingen aufgezeichnet. Die Drehbücher der einzelnen Sendungen werden unter anderem von dem Moderator Juri Tetzlaff geschrieben. Die Sendung und ihre Moderatoren gewannen zahlreiche Preise, darunter mehrere Goldene Spatzen und 2006 den Bayerischen Fernsehpreis.

Anfänglich wurden im Rahmen des Tigerenten Clubs verschiedene Zeichentrick- und Realserien für Kinder ausgestrahlt, beispielsweise Duck Tales, Isnogud, Walter Mellon oder Neues vom Süderhof.

Seit Januar 2009 wurde neben der Spielshow auch das Magazin Tigerenten Club Xtra ausgestrahlt. Das Magazin bot Wissensvermittlung und Service für Kinder. Außerdem gab es Elemente wie Entdeckungsreisen und die Tigerentenreportagen, sowie Neuigkeiten aus den Bereichen Kultur, Musik und Show. Die Sendung wurde von Pete Dwojak und bis 2012 auch von Katharina Gast moderiert.

Ab dem 18. August 2012 wurde das Magazin durch das Wissens- und Comedyformat – Die Tigerenten-Reporter zeigen’s euch ersetzt. Die neue SWR-Kindersendung war im KiKA zu sehen, Wiederholungen liefen im Ersten, im SWR und im rbb Fernsehen. Am 20. März 2016 wurde vorerst eingestellt.

Die Tigerenten Clubwelt war ein kostenloser Online-Mitmachclub zu den Sendungen des Tigerenten Clubs. Die Online-Community bot den Kindern die Möglichkeit, sich mit anderen Mitgliedern auszutauschen, Anregungen für die Sendung zu liefern und sich aktiv an Aktionen zu beteiligen runners water bottle handheld. Das Angebot der Clubwelt umfasste unter anderem Online-Spiele, einen Avatar-Chat sowie die periodisch erschienenen interaktiven Clubnews mit Reportagen, Quizfragen und diversen Tipps.

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The Twilight Saga: New Moon (soundtrack)

Posted by darren - julio 31st, 2017

The Twilight Saga: New Moon (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) is the official soundtrack for the 2009 film The Twilight Saga: New Moon. The score for New Moon was composed by Alexandre Desplat while the rest of the soundtrack was chosen by music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas, who also produced the Twilight soundtrack. The New Moon – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack album was released on October 16, 2009 by Patsavas’ Chop Shop label, in conjunction with Atlantic Records.

New Moon‘s soundtrack comprises songs that are all original and exclusive to the soundtrack and are performed by various indie rock and alternative rock artists. New Moon director Chris Weitz stated that the soundtrack would feature songs from Radiohead, Muse, and Band of Skulls. Death Cab for Cutie contributed the soundtrack’s lead single football shirts sale, a song written specifically for the film called “Meet Me on the Equinox”, which debuted September 13 during the MTV Video Music Awards. Bassist Nick Harmer says, “We wrote ‘Meet Me On the Equinox’ to reflect the celestial themes and motifs that run throughout the Twilight series and we wanted to capture that desperate feeling of endings and beginnings that so strongly affect the main characters.” The music video for “Meet Me on the Equinox” premiered on October 7, 2009 and includes clips from the movie. The English rock band Muse contributed a remix of their song “I Belong to You”, which appears in its original form on their 2009 album The Resistance. St stainless steel bottle. Vincent collaborated with Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon to create a song called “Rosyln”. When describing the song, she said, “[Justin] sings in his beautiful falsetto and I’m actually singing very, very low… I think there’s something vampirey and creepy about the two of us singing together. It’s a simple, stripped-down kind of song.” The soundtrack originally had a release date of October 20, 2009, but the date was moved up four days to October 16 due to “overwhelming and unprecedented demand”.

A digital version of the album, available for purchase on iTunes, was released simultaneously with the physical edition on October 16. It features 3 bonus tracks and a music video, in addition to the 15 standard tracks. The pre-ordered albums include four additional bonus tracks.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Companion CD/DVD album consists of the international bonus tracks (with the exception of the Japanese bonus track) from the New Moon soundtrack, as well as a bonus DVD. It was initially announced for release on March 16, 2010. On March 1, Warner listed the album as “sell hold” and gave it a new release date of December 2011, effectively postponing the album. On March 24, 2010, it was reported that Warner had relisted the album with a new release date of May 25, 2010 with a few changes to the DVD; the removal of an interview with Chris Weitz and Alexandra Patsavas and the video for Lupe Fiasco’s track “Solar Midnite”.

Hot Topic locations across the United States hosted New Moon soundtrack listening parties on the release date, October 16, where fans were able to listen to the entire soundtrack and hear special messages from the featured bands. The album’s CD booklet folds out into a New Moon poster.

International versions of the soundtrack are available in certain countries, featuring bonus tracks from “local” artists. For example, Mexican Grammy and Latin Grammy nominee Ximena Sariñana is featured on Spanish language versions of the soundtrack, with the song “Frente al Mar” (“In front of the Sea“).

Initial critical response to the New Moon soundtrack was generally favorable

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. At Metacritic, which assigns a normalized rating out of 100 to reviews from mainstream critics, the album has received an average score of 70, based on 11 reviews.

The soundtrack debuted at number two on the Billboard 200 albums chart, and climbed to number one a week later after selling 153,000 copies in its first full week of release. It made history as the first time ever a soundtrack and its sequel have both reached the #1 spot on the chart. The album was certified Platinum by RIAA, and has sold 1,305,000 copies in the US as of August 2013.

In New Zealand, it was certified Gold on October 18, 2009, selling over 7,500 copies in its first two days of release. The album debuted at number two and was certified Platinum after its first week of release, selling over 15,000 copies. In Australia, the soundtrack rose to number one on the iTunes Store and has largely stayed in the top five since its release. It debuted at number two on the ARIA Albums Chart in the week beginning October 26, 2009, and was certified Platinum in its first week. In Mexico, the album is jumped to No. 1 on the international album charts and No. 4 on the main chart after five weeks inside the chart, caused by the success of the film. In the UK, the album debuted at number one on the compilations chart.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon: The Score was composed by Alexandre Desplat and performed by the London Symphony Orchestra. He replaced Carter Burwell, who wrote the score for the previous film, Twilight. Weitz has a working relationship with Desplat, who scored one of his previous films, The Golden Compass.

The score has received critical acclaim from many film music critics.

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La cultura de adolescentes chinos

Posted by darren - julio 31st, 2017

Como China se mueve hacia convertirse en el mundo ¯ s la mayor economía, su juventud han capturado la imaginación de la gente alrededor del mundo.Los adolescentes chinos son a menudo objeto de la atención de los medios de comunicación por su sentido de la moda, su creciente cultura de consumo, la percepcion de la rebelión contra un gobierno restrictivo y el nuevo sentido de la identidad personal que está comenzando a definir a las generaciones más jóvenes.Los adolescentes chinos viven en un país en rápido desarrollo, pero también es un gran país, y sus experiencias son tan diversos como las experiencias de dos niños en los Estados Unidos.
En 1978, China ha cambiado su foco desde el socialismo a la modernización, y el pueblo chino empezó a centrarse en las carreras más de camaradería, según el profesor gheeta Kochar de la Academia de ciencias sociales de China en Beijing.Los adolescentes comenzaron a “mirando hacia el dinero” como cultura de consumo y el materialismo creció.A partir de la década de 1990, los adolescentes chinos centrado en el aprendizaje del inglés y estudiando en Estados Unidos, como la moda, jovenes y adultos se convirtio en mucho menos conservador.Los adolescentes chinos beben, fuman y están más de moda que los chinos a los adolescentes de las generaciones anteriores.Más chinos adolescentes y adultos jóvenes que se desplazan desde las zonas rurales a la ciudad con la esperanza de mejores carreras.
Muchos adolescentes chinos perseguir a la cultura occidental, y lo demuestran a través de su consumo de Western TV shows, movies, alimentos y ropa.PBS informó que en 2012 la cadena KFC fue el restaurante más popular en el país, aunque en China, KFC vende chino alimentos como arroz con leche y cambios de recetas para reflejar la influencia china.El skateboarding se ha convertido en popular, con la juventud china aprender movimientos de Professional Western patinadores.Aunque los reglamentos gubernamentales han restringido a ciertos programas de TV, incluyendo programas de crímenes y de “inmoral” dramas, muchos chinos programas de televisión replicar la famosa American versiones.”China ¯ s Got Talent” y “Si eres el uno,” una versión en chino de “El licenciado”

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, son populares.
El chino “yuppies” o “chuppies,” ya que eres llamado, conforman una porción de la cultura china.Estos adolescentes son de las familias acomodadas y fueron criados en un ambiente de estabilidad económica.Son marca consciente, de moda y tienen un monton de dinero a pasar.Como sus contrapartes estadounidenses adinerados, chuppies son siempre conectado al resto del mundo a través de smartphones y computadoras.Esta rica parte de adolescentes chinos es un mundano montón, a menudo bien viajado y vivido.
Como Kevin Lee, de “la revista Forbes” señala, cuando medios estadounidenses hablan de adolescentes chinos como grandes consumidores o personas ricas, a menudo son abordar sólo un pequeño segmento de la población.Aunque chuppies son grandes consumidores, como con cualquier país, existen grandes variaciones en la situación socioeconómica de los jóvenes.Los adolescentes difieren en sus sistemas de valores, intereses y aficiones dependiendo si son de ciudades o zonas rurales.De hecho, Lee, escribe, la mayoría de los adolescentes chinos no son tan rebeldes como el U.S. mainstream media nos quiere hacer creer, sino que son “contenido.” la mayoría de los jóvenes, dice Lee, todavía siento un profundo sentido de responsabilidad para sus familias, aunque los valores están cambiando de generación en generación.La mayoría de adolescentes chinos están interesados en desarrollar un sentido de su propia individualidad y la identidad personal

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L.C. Glad & Co.

Posted by darren - julio 30th, 2017

L.C. Glad & Co. er et dansk olieraffinaderi grundlagt af L.C. Glad 30. december 1880. Olieraffinaderiet importerede russisk råolie og raffinerede det til maskinolie. I dag laver firmaet primært smøreolier.

I begyndelsen fremstillede firmaet smørfarve og osteløbe baseret på rapsolie, men fra 1882 begyndte man at fremstille og forhandle kemisk-tekniske produkter som natron, grafit, salmiak, svovlsyre, sæbe etc. I 1887 blev der opført en ny fabrik i Rådmandsgade 23.

Efter nogle år begyndte L.C. Glad & Co. også at fremstille maskinolie ved destillation af russisk råolie, hvilket var et efterspurgt produkt på grund af den øgede mekanisering af industrien og fremkomsten af automobilen. I 1887 flyttede virksomheden fra Gammel Køge Landevej til Nørrebrogade, men allerede i 1901 flyttede virksomheden igen; denne gang til en mere permanent lokalitet i Nannasgade 6-10, hvor virksomheden lå indtil 1980. Virksomheden udvidede i flere omgange, bl.a. gennem opkøb i 1923 af Marcus & Co.’s ejendom med lagerbygning til huder og skind og kontorbygning, som havde adresse på Tagensvej.

Den 4. september 1980 blev virksomheden i Nannasgade ramt af en voldsom brand cheap football jerseys, der også nær havde sat ild til beboelsesejendomme i nærheden soccer long socks. Da tiden generelt var løbet fra kemiske fabrikker med tæt bymæssig beliggenhed, flyttede firmaet til Vallensbæk, hvor den stadig ligger i dag.

Den nedsivende olie havde i årenes løb forurenet grunden i Nannasgade what do you use to tenderize meat, så det blev besluttet at kapsle forureningen ned og plante græs på stedet. På den tidligere fabriksgrund er der derfor i dag boldbaner, den såkaldte BaNanna Park.

Virksomheden blev kåret til Årets Gazelle af Dagbladet Børsen i 2003.

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Hippie trail

Posted by darren - julio 30th, 2017

Le hippie trail est une expression anglo-saxonne (littéralement la piste hippie) utilisée pour décrire le trajet parcouru par les hippies dans les années 1960 et 1970, de l’Europe vers l’Asie et inversement. Ce type de voyage a connu un renouveau au début du XXIe siècle avec les néo-hippies how to use meat tenderiser.

Le but de ces pérégrinations pouvait être l’envie de découvrir et d’adopter le mode de vie et les philosophies asiatiques, mais le voyage (trip) était aussi motivé par le simple refus de la vie sédentaire. Volontairement entrepris avec des moyens limités, il se terminait parfois dans l’extrême pauvreté. Le , le Times titrait « Des hippies mendient comme des chiens en Afghanistan »[réf. souhaitée]. La frontière de l’Afghanistan marque alors l’entrée dans une zone où le haschisch est en vente libre et où des jeunes Occidentaux sombrent dans la consommation de drogues dures, même si ce cliché est loin d’être une généralité. Certains poursuivent leur exploration ethnographique jusqu’à « La Mecque » des routards, Katmandou, au Népal, particulièrement sa Freak Street (littéralement « rue des marginaux ») où convergent plusieurs milliers d’enfants fleurs (flower children) à partir de 1966. Pour les moins fortunés ou les moins débrouillards, le voyage peut avoir pour but les Baléares, le Maroc ou même Amsterdam.

Dans les années 2000 et 2010

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, en raison de l’augmentation du tarif des vols à bas prix (dits low-cost), de nouveaux trajets sont parcourus par des routards néo-hippies, comme le Banana Pancake Trail&nbsp thermos stainless steel water bottle;(en) en Asie, le Gringo Trail (en) en Amérique du Sud, ou l’Afrique du Nord et le Proche-Orient (Maroc, Tunisie, Liban, Turquie, etc.).

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