Iñigo Cabo

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Le texte gagnerait à être rédigé sous la forme de paragraphes synthétiques, plus agréables à la lecture.

Ínigo Cabo, né en 1970 à Bilbao (Espagne), est un artiste et théoricien thermos sale, qui vit et travaille à Bilbao sports jersey for kids.

À part ses travaux purement critiques comme Nouvelle Objectivité (Prix d’essai critique Espais, 2001), les projets d’Íñigo Cabo engagent la production de pièces multimédia (sculptures hobart meat cuber, films) à travers la création de plateformes de travail collectif et trans-disciplinaire. Il a reçu le soutien d’institutions comme la Fondation La Caixa (Barcelone), le Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst-DAAD (Berlin) ou le Musée Guggenheim Bilbao. Il enseigne actuellement à l’Ecole de Beaux-Arts de Bilbao et dirige la programmation du nouveau centre Alhóndiga Bilbao meat tenderizer wiki.








































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Henry Raeburn

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Henry Raeburn (Edimburgo, 4 marzo 1756 – Edimburgo, 8 luglio 1823) è stato un pittore scozzese.

Henry Reaburn nacque, figlio di un artigiano, nel villaggio di Stockbridge, non distante da Edimburgo (oggi parte della città). Rimasto orfano, venne affidato alle cure di un fratello maggiore che lo mandò a studiare nella George Heriot’s School di Edimburgo, dove il giovane Henry ricevette una discreta educazione. All’età di quindici anni entrò a lavorare nella bottega di un orafo, dove dimostrò di essere molto versato per la decorazione di gioielli e la lavorazione dell’avorio. In poco tempo gli venne affidata la realizzazione di ritratti miniati best college football uniforms, dei quali si dimostrò un buon realizzatore, ed in seguito si dedicò ai dipinti su olio. L’orafo presso cui lavorava Henry Raeburn si accorse delle doti del giovane allievo e lo presentò a David Martin, uno dei più stretti collaboratori del pittore scozzese Allan Ramsay. Dopo essersi agli inizi dedicato a copiare altri dipinti, in seguito cominciò ad eseguirne di propria mano.

Verso i trent’anni si sposò con una donna della quale aveva, in precedenza, realizzato un ritratto. Dopo aver conosciuto di persona, a Londra buy football jerseys, Joshua Reynolds si trasferì, come di consueto per i pittori europei crazy socks wholesale, in Italia. Qui conobbe numerosi artisti, tra cui Pompeo Batoni.

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One Life to Live characters (2010s)

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This is a list of characters from the ABC Daytime–Prospect Park soap opera, One Life to Live, that began their run between the beginning of 2010 and the final cancellation of the show.

Arturo Bandini is a fictional character from The Online Network serial drama One Life to Live. The role has been portrayed by Paolo Seganti since June 25, 2013.

Drew Buchanan II is the son of Matthew Buchanan and Destiny Evans, born on January 13, 2012 at the Buchanan mansion. He was named after Matthew’s late brother, Drew Buchanan (who, in turn, was named for Drew’s mother’s deceased love Drew Ralston, who was played by Matthew Ashford). Dr. Vivian Wright delivers him with Matthew and Destiny’s families surrounding them. Upon the online revival of One Life to Live due to the aging of his parents Drew’s age was changed to 3, revising his birth date to January 13, 2010.

Tomás Delgado is a fictional character from the ABC Daytime soap opera One Life to Live. Ted King played the role from January 21, 2011 until the series finale in January 2012. Executive Producer at the time Frank Valentini offered King the opportunity to co-create the character with him and headwriter at the time Ron Carlivati, something that helped sway King to joining One Life to Live over another soap opera he was in negotiations with. King was one of several cast members who agreed to join the continued online version of the series produced by Prospect Park, although the project did not come to fruition. In December 2011, it was rumored King would join other One Life to Live stars signing on with General Hospital, however King did not make an on-screen appearance the following year.

Tomás is first seen on January 21, 2011 as a struggling Parisian artist. He is found by Blair Cramer and Cristian Vega who are looking for the artist who painted Blair’s portrait eight years prior. He admits to Blair that he found a photo of her from her wedding to Todd Manning at the Marché aux puces flea market from which he painted her portrait. Intrigued by Blair, Tomás goes to Llanview to see her in February, and it becomes clear that Blair has feelings for Tomás. It is soon revealed that he is Tomás Delgado, the brother of Téa Delgado. Tomás is concerned about his sister’s marriage to Todd Manning, and stays in town to protect her. When Todd is shot, Tomás eventually becomes a suspect and is arrested. After Tomás threatens to blackmail Todd, Tomás and Todd broker an uneasy alliance.

In June 2011, Tomás goes to New York, secretly followed by Blair. She finds out he is married, but separated. They both discover that Sebastian “Baz” Moreau is his biological son with Yvette. After being interrogated by John McBain, Téa and Blair, Tomás reveals that he was once an agent for the CIA. Years ago, he was ordered to execute Todd, but when he found him nearly beaten to death, he brought him to the agency instead. Tomás was led to believe that Todd had ties to terrorists. He discovered that his agency went rogue, and he left with the aid of Calmar, another agent of the CIA. Tomás painted Blair’s portrait from her photo with Todd, feeling remorse over his actions. Tomás admits that Todd was targeted by Baker, an old associate from the rogue branch of the CIA, and stopped Baker from executing Todd, which is why Todd originally assumed that Tomás was responsible for shooting him. Tomás and Todd establish an uneasy truce in order to protect Téa and the family from suffering any reprisals because of Todd’s previous dealings with Baker. At the premiere of Vickerman, Tomás announces that Todd is an impostor just as a man arrives claiming to be the real Todd Manning. Tomás later admits to Blair that he is not certain which of the two men is the real one.

In August 2011, Brody Lovett and Tomás, led by McBain, infiltrate the agency headquarters and discover that the Director of the agency is Irene Manning. It is eventually revealed that the new man is indeed the real Todd Manning, while the impostor is Todd’s twin brother Victor Lord, Jr., brainwashed by Irene into thinking that he was Todd. Tomás stumbles upon a dead Irene, with Todd holding the gun. Tomás, who blamed himself for taking Todd years ago, took the blame for killing Irene. Tomás accepts his fate, feeling remorseful over his past actions, but Todd eventually admits that he killed Irene.

After months of Tomás trying to establish a relationship with his difficult son, Baz eventually leaves town to return to Europe to pursue a career in music. Tomás makes a promise to Téa to discover who murdered Victor Lord Jr. Realizing that Blair still has feelings for Todd, he keeps her in the dark about his suspicions about Todd, getting aid from his old friend Calmar in investigating. Todd, now working with Baker and funding a new Clandestine operation, kidnaps Calmar, and eventually Tomás. Todd plants evidence to frame Tomás for the murder of Victor Lord Jr, and kept Tomás hostage under Baker’s supervision. Todd uses the opportunity to make Blair believe that Tomás was responsible for killing Victor, and reignites their relationship when Blair believes Tomás’ coerced confession. Téa and McBain suspect that Tomás is innocent, and investigate Todd as the suspect in Victor’s murder. McBain eventually locates Tomás, and arrests Todd for the kidnapping of Tomás and the murder of Victor. Blair and Tomás seem to reconcile, and the entire town ostracizes Todd for his role in Victor’s apparent murder, and his attempts to frame Tomás. Tomás and Blair consoled Téa after she found out that her son was stillborn, and she had been raising the son of Sam Morgan for months.

On the November 30, 2012 episode of General Hospital, Carly Corinthos and Skye Quartermaine go to Blair with news that Tomás may be Lorenzo Alcazar. Shortly thereafter, a CIA agent arrives to tell them Tomás has left on a mission. Skye, Blair and Téa leave in search of Tomás.

Edward “Eddie” Ford is a fictional character from the ABC Daytime soap opera One Life to Live. He is the abusive ex-husband of Inez Salinger and father of Robert “Bobby” Ford, James Ford, and Nate Salinger. John Wesley Shipp, who had briefly played Blanchard Lovelace in 1989, was hired for the limited contract role, first appearing on November 8, 2010. He last appeared on December 15, 2010, briefly returning to film flashback scenes in April 2011, and during the series finale week in January 2012. When asked about his character, Shipps described that “there are three things that make Eddie dangerous. One, he has nothing to lose. Two, he’s willing to do anything and everything to anyone to punch his way out of a corner when he feels trapped. And three, Eddie always feels trapped.”

In November 2010, Eddie shows up at the doorstep of his two eldest sons, Bobby and James. Eddie had previously been in jail in Ohio for running an illegal chop shop. Eddie asks James for the $50,000 James had stolen from him, and threatens to have James sent to jail unless they agree to let Eddie stay at their apartment. When James defends Inez, Eddie realizes that Inez has been in contact with her sons football clubs shirts. When Inez arrives, she is shocked to see Eddie. Eddie assumes Nate is Inez’s lover, but she tells him Nate is their son, which Eddie doubts. He lashes out at Inez for leaving him, and Inez says she regrets running away but will protect them from his abuse now.

Bo Buchanan pays Eddie a visit and warns him that the police are watching him. Eddie follows his sons to Dorian Lord’s house on Thanksgiving and crashes her gathering. When he is ordered to leave, Eddie has an outburst, insulting Starr Manning and punching James in the face before being physically restrained by Bobby. Dorian calls the police and has Eddie arrested. Eddie meets Nora Buchanan and insinuates that Bo and Inez are having an affair. Eddie is released by the aide of a high-priced lawyer hired by Clint Buchanan. Nate punches Eddie after he makes suggestive remarks to Nate’s girlfriend, Danielle Manning.

Eddie is summoned to the Buchanan mansion, where Clint promises to pay Eddie a large sum of cash and give him a gun. In return, Clint has Eddie kidnap Nora and send text messages from her phone telling Bo to sleep with Inez to even the score over her affair years before with Sam Rappaport. While Eddie holds Nora hostage, he almost rapes her. Eventually, James confronts his father and holds him at gunpoint, but is unable to bring himself to shoot him. Instead he warns his father to leave town before someone else kills him. Soon Eddie is found dead in his hotel room, and it is eventually discovered that Clint murdered him to cover his tracks. However, on April 1, 2011, Clint reveals to Bo and Nora that their son Matthew Buchanan was the one who killed Eddie.

On January 9, 2012, Eddie appears to Ford when he has an out-of-body experience glass water drinking bottles. Ford awakens in Hell, and is told by Eddie he is there because he raped Jessica. While Ford gives a speech about redemption, he pushes Eddie into the fire while making a break for Heaven and life again.

Ryder Asa Ford (born Lovett) is a fictional character from the ABC Daytime soap opera One Life to Live. He is the son of Jessica Buchanan and Robert Ford. Child actors Matthew and Nicholas Urbanowics played the role from January through October 2011, and Cory and Dominick from October 2011 until the series ended in January 2012.

Ryder is born on January 11, 2011, via cesarian section at Llanview Hospital. Though Jessica is initially unsure whether the father is her one-night stand Robert Ford or her estranged fiancé Brody Lovett, a paternity test confirms that the baby is Brody’s. However, on February 9, 2011, Buchanan Enterprises employee Vimal reveals that Ford is Ryder’s biological father, and he had altered the paternity test on orders from Jessica’s father, Clint Buchanan. Jessica is unable to bear this, and changes into her alternate personality, Tess. She devises a scheme with Ford to get custody of Ryder. However, when Jessica’s family becomes aware, they sue for temporary custody. In the end, Jessica’s mother, Victoria Lord, is denied custody, but so are Tess and Ford. Just as the judge announces that Ryder will be put in foster care, Jessica’s brother Joey Buchanan and his then wife Aubrey Wentworth stand up and say they’ll take Ryder and the judge agrees. On June 16, 2011, Jessica returns and takes custody of Ryder from Aubrey, and agrees that Ford may see him whenever he wants. On January 9, 2012, Ryder’s father dies following an altercation with Mitch Laurence.

Kate Lane is a fictional character from The Online Network serial drama One Life to Live. The role has been portrayed by Alice Callahan since June 25, 2013.

Victor Dalby Lord, Jr. is the son of Victor Lord and Irene Manning. He is known for his nonchalant charisma, dry smart wit, and unpredictable volatile nature. He came to town in 2003, claiming to be Todd Manning after extensive plastic surgery. Victor spent the next eight years living in Llanview as Todd Manning. In August 2011, it is revealed that he is really Todd’s twin brother, who had in fact been brainwashed into believing he was truly Todd Manning.

As Todd, Victor quickly made an enemy in police detective John McBain, and even had his own son, after being raped by Margaret Cochran. Victor was also very protective of Sam and his “children”, but sometimes his good intentions resulted in tragic accidents that he was blamed for. Victor was aggressive and prone to outbursts, which would sometimes backfire on him. Tea Delgado, Todd’s ex, proved to be the love of Victor’s life and they got married. Victor not being Todd was alluded to when Tea, suffering from drugs that made her believe she had a brain tumor, pointed at a photograph of her and Todd, and declared that Victor wasn’t Todd.

In May 2011, the real Todd Manning arrives in Llanview with his “old face”, after escaping from the top secret CIA facility where he had been held captive for the last eight years. He is unable to prove to everyone that he is the real Todd Manning, causing chaos and confusion, shaking his family to its core. DNA tests on both come back positive when aligned with an untainted sample on file from Marty Saybrooke’s rape kit.

The truth comes out when John McBain, Brody Lovett and Tomás Delgado raid the CIA facility and discover Todd’s presumed-dead mother, Irene Manning as the head of the rogue CIA agency. Back in Llanview, Irene confirms that the man with the scar is Todd Manning, and the other who had been living there as Todd, is really Victor Lord Jr. In 2003, Irene had ordered a hit on the real Todd Manning to keep him from exposing the agency. She had Todd strapped to a chair and made him uncover every detail of his life. She originally gave Victor, Todd’s trademark scar, but then had Victor’s face altered with reconstructive surgery to make him look like Mitch Laurence’s long lost brother Flynn Walker Laurence. Irene then sent Victor away in Todd’s place, so that he could get his share of the inheritance as Victor Lord Sr.’s heir, and unknowingly help the agency. She kept the real Todd locked up, instead of following through with the original plan to kill him. In March 2011, Irene ordered a hit on Victor, then still believing he was Todd Manning. He was shot in the stomach by a sniper after refusing to do more dirty work and went into a coma.

The day after the truth is revealed, and Victor gains acceptance from his family, Victor is supposedly shot dead by an unknown assailant, and is shown dying from his injuries with his wife, Téa Delgado, at his side. Shortly after, it is revealed by a blocked memory that Todd is the one who supposedly shot him, and Todd tries to cover it up. On the series finale, as Todd is being arrested for his murder, as Victor is revealed to be alive, bound and gagged on a bed, and being held hostage by Allison Perkins.

In April 2013, Victor reappears in Llanview after Danielle overdoses on oxycontin at the opening of Blair’s new nightclub, Shelter. After Todd lambasts Téa for he failure to see Danielle’s troubled behavior, Victor arrives and begins to assault Todd at the hospital. Tea, Dani, Jack, and Sam were thrilled to have Victor back in their lives. Victor learned from Tea that they had a stillborn son that Todd had switched with another baby. Victor was angry at Todd for causing Tea so much pain, so he took revenge by poisoning Todd’s supply of alcohol. Todd approached Victor with a truce and Victor accepted, so he replaced the tainted alcohol in Todd’s room with a new untainted one. Soon after, Victor announced that he had to leave town to keep Tea and he kids safety. On his way out, he stopped by to see Todd and told him that had to leave town, and asked Todd to keep their family safe as well. Todd blasted Victor for leaving and breaking the kids’ hearts all over again, and Victor punched Todd in the throat, grabbed him by the throat and choked him unconscious, and told him that he had poisoned him, before leaving.

Once Victor’s crimes were exposed, the police wanted to bring in him. Tea, who Victor had been e-mailing, agreed to help them find Victor, believing he would be safer in jail then on the run. However, Todd wanted payback and planned to kill Victor. Todd’s guy tracked him down to a hotel near a place Tea and he only knew, where she and Todd found Todd’s guy dead. Victor escaped and contacted Tea telling her they can’t have anymore contact. Later, the mastermind behind Victor’s initial abduction, Carl Peterson, revealed that he had captured Victor again and he was being guarded by Allison again, who is revealed to be Carl’s sister.

Liam Asa McBain is a fictional character from the ABC Daytime soap opera One Life to Live. Christian and Gavin McGinley appeared alternately in the infant role from January 2011 until January 12, 2012. The role is currently being played by Finn Robbins since April 29, 2013.

Liam is the son of Natalie Buchanan and John McBain, born on-screen on January 11, 2011. Natalie is initially unsure whether her unborn child’s father is her one-night stand Brody Lovett or her own boyfriend John; a paternity test states that Brody is her child’s father. Terrified of John’s reaction, Natalie hides the truth. After the baby is born, Marty Saybrooke kidnaps him, but John gets him back.

Liam’s paternity test results are revealed at Natalie’s double wedding with her sister, Jessica Buchanan. A betrayed John leaves Natalie, and Brody takes the role of Liam’s father. During a recorded therapy session, Marty reveals that she switched the paternity results and that John is the father of Liam. Brody gets a hold of the tape recorder, but erases it to keep Liam. During Natalie & Brody’s wedding, it comes out that John is Liam’s father and Brody kidnaps him. Brody gives back Liam and he is reunited with his mother and father.

Sierra Rose Morasco Fish is a fictional character from the ABC Daytime soap opera One Life to Live. She is the daughter of Oliver Fish and Stacy Morasco, born on-screen on February 11, 2010.

In love with her sister Gigi Morasco’s boyfriend Rex Balsom, Stacy blackmails Gigi into breaking up with him. Rex and Gigi are eventually reunited, but in the meantime Stacy and Rex have slept together, and Stacy gets pregnant. She miscarries but keeps the truth from Rex knowing that it is her only hold over him. Stacy plots to get pregnant again in order to pass the baby off as Rex’s. She drugs ex-boyfriend Schuyler Joplin but he refuses her. She becomes pregnant after seducing a drunken Oliver Fish, but tells Schuyler that the baby is his. Schuyler agrees to keep the truth from Rex so that he can have Gigi for himself. Rex’s crazed biological father Mitch Laurence kidnaps Stacy in February 2010, intending to raise her baby as his heir; when she reveals that the baby is not Rex’s, Mitch abandons Stacy in a blizzard. Gigi finds her, takes her to a cabin, and on February 11, 2010 helps Stacy deliver a baby girl she names Sierra Rose after Stacy and Gigi’s childhood dolls. Gigi rushes off to the hospital with a newborn Sierra; Stacy tries to follow, but falls through the ice of a frozen lake. Despite Rex and Oliver’s attempts to save her, she disappears and is presumed dead. Sierra is soon diagnosed with a congenital heart defect requiring immediate surgery. On April 2, 2010, it is revealed to Gigi, Schuyler and Rex that the baby’s real father is Oliver. He is soon awarded legal custody.

Hannah O’Connor is a fictional character on the ABC Daytime soap opera One Life to Live. The role was portrayed by Meghann Fahy on a recurring status from February 25, 2010 through November 1, 2010, and again in January 2012.

Hannah O’Connor arrives in Llanview in 2010 as Cole Thornhart’s project partner. She is revealed to be Robert Ford’s ex-flame in March and that she wants him back. After several attempts to bring Ford back, Hannah loses hope and briefly turns to drugs. Cole catches Hannah with drugs and helps her through her troubles, suggesting that she see his mom, Marty Saybrooke for counseling. In April, Hannah comes to Cole’s apartment to see Cole. After spilling coffee on her shirt, Hannah takes her shirt off to clean it. Todd Manning sees Hannah and Cole together and attacks Cole, causing drama between Cole and his girlfriend, Starr Manning.

Marty is pushed down a flight of stairs, and miscarries her unborn baby as a result of the attack. Hannah claims that she saw Starr’s father Todd attack Marty. Both Starr and Todd disagrees and thinks Hannah is using her seeing who pushed Marty to break up Starr and Cole so Hannah have Cole to herself. Hannah then is accused to have tried to kill Ford, so she uses Cole and tells him Starr is dating a man named James Ford who she has just met. Hannah leads Cole to her old home in Delaware. Hannah then pretends Starr and James slept together, so this causes Cole to be depressed and kiss Hannah. Cole stops the kiss and escapes with Hannah when she is found by the police. Cole and Hannah head to a motel in Maryland where they run into Cris and Layla. John McBain and Natalie Buchanan soon arrive and place Hannah under arrest for the attempted murder of Robert.

Hannah hires Elijah “Eli” Clarke as her lawyer, knowing he was the one who pushed Marty down the stairs. When they talk, Elijah threatens Hannah saying confess to pushing Marty down the stairs so Cole won’t get hurt. Hannah fakes a breakdown and is sent to St. Anne’s. She then continues to lie about Eli’s crimes and Eli points a gun at Hannah and forces her to take several pain killer pills and is out unconscious. She is revived by her doctors. While in her room alone John asks Hannah on what’s really going on between her and Eli and finally reveals on what Eli has been holding over her and reveals to John that Eli had not only held at gunpoint but also forced her to take all the pills or Eli was going to hurt Cole and did to save Cole and was the only way to save him from danger. Hannah finally reveals to John that Eli pushed Marty down a flight of stairs and was being blackmailed into faking a breakdown and was forced to swallow a bottle of pills that could’ve killed her if Cole hadn’t saved her. Hannah also told John that Eli attacked Ford. John assures Hannah that Eli will be brought to justice.

Later Marty visits Hannah and she apologize to Marty for all the trouble she caused her. Later in Hannah’s court hearing, Marty volunteers to bring Hannah in her house and live with her under her care. Marty forgives her and tells her that she’s going to have a good life. However, Hannah kidnaps Starr and Hope after they escape Eli, who had been holding them and Dani hostage, intending to kill them so she can have Cole all to herself. James Ford gets suspicious of Hannah and confronts her, but before he can call the cops she knocks him out with her father’s pistol and kidnaps him as well. Hannah takes them all to the cemetery and forces James and Starr to dig their own graves at gunpoint before forcing Starr to bury James alive. Just as Hannah is about to do the same to Starr, James digs himself out of the grave and attacks her, managing to distract her long enough for Starr to bash her unconscious with a shovel, with the police arriving just in time to arrest her.

James accompanies the police and Hannah to the station, where Marty, having confessed to Eli’s murder to protect Cole, watches them enter. James informs them of everything that Hannah has done. Hannah pleads with Marty to help her avoid prison time and get better, but instead, a shocked and furious Marty disowns her, coldly informing her that she is insane beyond fixing and that it was a mistake to ever trust her. Hannah is last seen being dragged away by the police, vocally bemoaning her circumstances.

In January 2012, a breakout occurs in Statesville prison, and Hannah escapes to take revenge on Starr and James. She then accidentally shoots Cole after Starr’s father Todd wrestles her for the gun when she tries to kill Starr. Todd then has Hannah taken back to Statesville by the police.

Neela Patel is a fictional character on the ABC Daytime soap opera One Life to Live. The role was portrayed by Teresa Patel on a recurring status from November 3, 2011 through January 12, 2012.

Rama Patel is a fictional character from the American serial drama series One Life to Live. The role has been portrayed by Shenaz Treasury, who originated the role onscreen January 20, 2011 through the final OLTL broadcast episode January 13, 2012. Treasury reprised the role as a series regular when new daily episodes of OLTL debuted on Hulu, iTunes, and FX Canada via The Online Network April 29, 2013.

Vimal Patel is a fictional character from the American serial drama series One Life to Live. The role was originated by Nick Choksi from November 19, 2010 through the broadcast finale January 13, 2012. Choksi reprised the role on The Online Network resumption of the series May 2, 2013.

Carl Peterson is a fictional character from The Online Network serial drama One Life to Live. The role has been portrayed by Ron Raines since August 12, 2013.

Inez Salinger (formerly Ford) is a fictional character on the ABC Daytime soap opera One Life to Live. The role was played by actress Jessica Leccia from June 18, 2010 until May 4, 2011.

Inez Salinger was introduced in June 2010 as the struggling mother of Nate Salinger. In an effort to help his mother with her financial struggles, Nate gave her $50,000 worth of stolen money that he found in the woods. It soon became clear that the money had been stolen from the father of Ford brothers, James and Robert, who were also revealed to be Inez’s sons. Inez had been forced to abandon the boys as children due to an abusive relationship with her husband and the boys’ father.

Although James didn’t recognize Inez when she returned the money that belonged to him, Robert pushed Inez away and refused to forgive her. Feeling desperate, Inez confided her troubled past to Bo Buchanan after he pulled her over for erratic driving. Bo subsequently offered the financially troubled Inez a job working for him as his assistant. As of fall 2010, Bo’s brother Clint has begun courting Inez, making her a potential love interest. He has helped out her family financially on several occasions, including her nearly-estranged son Robert Ford. It is revealed that she’s the paternal grandmother of Ryder Ford.

Eventually, Inez becomes a pawn of Clint’s revenge plot against Bo and Nora Buchanan. Clint bails Eddie, James and Robert’s abusive father, out of jail and blackmails Inez into helping him with his plans, simultaneously having Eddie kidnap Nora and hold her hostage for a few hours while Inez seduces Bo lint shaver nz. While Inez drugs Bo, she is unable to bring herself to actually have sex with him and instead allows him to believe as such. Nora is rescued by Rex Balsom, while Eddie is murdered in his hotel room hours later.

Nate takes the blame for Eddie’s murder, though many people have their doubts. After his trial, Bo and Nora confront Inez over her attempt to seduce Bo, and Inez admits that she had been forced to do so by Clint. Initially skeptical, Bo and Nora realize that Inez is telling the truth upon looking at the evidence; namely, the high-priced lawyer assigned to Eddie when he assaulted James at Thanksgiving, and the fact that Clint had earlier threatened them with a shotgun. However manual lemon juicer, they nonetheless have Inez arrested for drugging Bo. Before she is taken away, Nora tells Inez that, while she had been forced to do all of this by Clint, the fact that she never bothered to simply come to them in the first place has convinced her that she was also, at least partly, trying to break them up of her own free will.

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Saint-Martial-le-Vieux ist eine Gemeinde im Zentralmassiv in Frankreich. Sie gehört zur Region Nouvelle-Aquitaine, zum Département Creuse, zum Arrondissement Aubusson und zum Kanton Auzances. Nachbargemeinden La Courtine, Saint-Oradoux-de-Chirouze, Eygurande, Lamazière-Haute, Couffi-sur-Sarsonne, Courteix, Bellechassagne und Saint-Rémy.

Alleyrat | Arfeuille-Châtain | Ars | Aubusson | Auge | Auzances | Banize | Basville | Beissat | Bellegarde-en-Marche | Blessac | Bosroger | Brousse | Budelière | Bussière-Nouvelle | Chamberaud | Chambonchard&nbsp thermos containers;| Chambon-sur-Voueize | Champagnat | Chard | Charron | Châtelard | Chavanat | Chénérailles | Clairavaux | Crocq | Croze | Dontreix | Évaux-les-Bains | Faux-la-Montagne | Felletin | Féniers | Flayat | Fontanières | Fransèches | Gentioux-Pigerolles | Gioux | Issoudun-Létrieix | La Chaussade | La Courtine | La Mazière-aux-Bons-Hommes | La Nouaille | La Serre-Bussière-Vieille | La Villedieu | La Villeneuve | La Villetelle | Lavaveix-les-Mines | Le Chauchet | Le Compas | Le Donzeil | Le Mas-d’Artige | Le Monteil-au-Vicomte | Lépaud | Les Mars | Lioux-les-Monges | Lupersat | Lussat | Magnat-l’Étrange | Mainsat | Malleret | Mautes | Mérinchal | Moutier-Rozeille | Néoux | Nouhant | Peyrat-la-Nonière | Pontcharraud | Poussanges | Puy-Malsignat | Reterre | Rougnat | Royère-de-Vassivière | Saint-Agnant-près-Crocq | Saint-Alpinien | Saint-Amand | Saint-Avit-de-Tardes | Saint-Avit-le-Pauvre | Saint-Bard | Saint-Chabrais | Saint-Dizier-la-Tour | Saint-Domet | Sainte-Feyre-la-Montagne | Saint-Frion | Saint-Georges-Nigremont | Saint-Julien-la-Genête | Saint-Julien-le-Châtel | Saint-Junien-la-Bregère | Saint-Loup&nbsp cool football t shirt designs;| Saint-Maixant | Saint-Marc-à-Frongier | Saint-Marc-à-Loubaud | Saint-Martial-le-Mont | Saint-Martial-le-Vieux&nbsp bottle thermos;| Saint-Martin-Château | Saint-Maurice-près-Crocq | Saint-Médard-la-Rochette | Saint-Merd-la-Breuille | Saint-Michel-de-Veisse | Saint-Moreil | Saint-Oradoux-de-Chirouze | Saint-Oradoux-près-Crocq | Saint-Pardoux-d’Arnet | Saint-Pardoux-le-Neuf | Saint-Pardoux-les-Cards | Saint-Pardoux-Morterolles | Saint-Pierre-Bellevue | Saint-Priest&nbsp New Balance Kids;| Saint-Quentin-la-Chabanne | Saint-Silvain-Bellegarde | Saint-Sulpice-les-Champs | Saint-Yrieix-la-Montagne | Sannat | Sermur | Sous-Parsat | Tardes | Vallière | Verneiges | Viersat

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Antonio Banuelos

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Juan Antonio Banuelos (born September 23, 1979) is an American mixed martial artist who competes in the Bantamweight division.

Banuelos made his professional mixed martial arts debut in June 2001, knocking out Daniel Garlets at IFC Warriors Challenge 13. Following the impressive win, Banuelos would compile a record of 3–1 before signing with World Extreme Cagefighting in 2002.

Banuelos is perhaps best known for being a longtime competitor for World Extreme Cagefighting, making his debut at WEC 5: Halloween Havoc. He fought a record 14 times under the promotion special football socks, compiling a record of 9–5. His 9 WEC wins are also a promotional record, which he shares with Urijah Faber and Poppies Martinez.

Banuelos was defeated by Eddie Wineland for the first ever WEC Bantamweight Championship at WEC 20.

After the Wineland bout, Banuelos defeated Cole Escovedo, Mike French and Justin Robbins while dropping contests against Charlie Valencia and a controversial decision to Manny Tapia at WEC 32.

Banuelos defeated Scott Jorgensen via split decision at WEC 41 in a fight that many infant soccer socks, including WEC general manager Reed Harris has speculated is a candidate for fight of the year.

Banuelos improved to 8–4 in the WEC after defeating Kenji Osawa via unanimous decision on November 18, 2009, at WEC 44.

Banuelos was scheduled to face Damacio Page on April 24, 2010 football jerseys, at WEC 48, but Page was forced off the card with an injury. Banuelos instead faced Jorgensen in a rematch of their bout from WEC 41 which Banuelos won via split decision. Banuelos lost the rematch by unanimous decision.

Banuelos faced Chad George on September 30, 2010, at WEC 5: Halloween Havoc. He won the fight via unanimous decision.

On October 28, 2010, World Extreme Cagefighting merged with the Ultimate Fighting Championship. As part of the merger, all WEC fighters were transferred to the UFC.

Banuelos made his promotional debut against the former WEC Bantamweight Champion Miguel Torres on February 5

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, 2011, at UFC 126. Banuelos struggled with the height and reach advantage of Torres and was unable to mount any significant offense until the latter half of the final round. He lost the fight via unanimous decision, and was subsequently released from the promotion.

After going 2–1 outside of the UFC, Banuelos signed with Texas based promotion Legacy FC. He faced Josh Sampo in his flyweight debut at Legacy FC 14 on September 14, 2012. He lost the fight via unanimous decision.

In his second fight within the promotion, Banuelos faced Rafael de Freitas at Legacy FC 18 on March 1, 2013. After three hard fought rounds, the bout was ruled a split draw. Banuelos faced Alptekin Ozkilic at Legacy FC 20 on May 31, 2013. He lost the fight via first round TKO, dropping his third straight fight in the process.

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Dalej, Diego!

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Dalej, Diego! (ang waist belt running. Go, Diego, Go!, 2005-2011) – amerykański serial animowany, który swoją premierę w Polsce miał 20 lutego 2010 roku przez stację telewizyjną Nickelodeon Polska. Jest to spin-off serialu animowanego Dora poznaje świat.

Serial opowiada o przygodach 8-letniego chłopca zwanego Diego Márquez, który razem ze swoją siostrą Alicią pomaga zwierzętom w niebezpieczeństwach how to tender beef, głównie w lasach deszczowych. Dzieci nie tylko poznają zwierzęta ale i uczą się języka angielskiego.

Wersja polska: na zlecenie Nickelodeon Polska – START INTERNATIONAL POLSKA
Reżyseria: Anna Apostolakis
Dialogi polskie: Piotr Radziwiłowicz
Dźwięk i montaż:

Kierownictwo muzyczne: Jakub Szydłowski
Kierownictwo produkcji: Elżbieta Araszkiewicz
Nadzór merytoryczny: Aleksandra Dobrowolska, Katarzyna Dryńska

W pozostałych rolach:

i inni

Piosenka czołówkowa w wykonaniu: Adama Krylika

Lektor: Kacper Kaliszewski

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Mt. Desolation

Posted by darren - febrero 22nd, 2017

Mt. Desolation is an English band formed by Tim Rice-Oxley and Jesse Quin, members of the rock band Keane, as a side-project. Their self-titled debut album was released on October 18 running waist pouch, 2010.

The live band consists primarily of Tim Rice-Oxley, Jesse Quin cheap official football shirts, Jessica Staveley-Taylor, Fimbo, John-William Scott and Phil Renna.

The project started during Keane’s Perfect Symmetry World Tour in 2009 during a conversation in a bar in Dublin, Ireland. Rice-Oxley and Quin, Keane pianist and bassist, respectively, had the idea of making a country album, but the duo said they did not think they were going to release it. The album was recorded and released in 2010.

Members of Noah & The Whale, The Killers, The Long Winters, The Staves and Mumford & Sons were involved in the album’s recording. After their debut show at The Lexington in London in July, the live band toured the UK in September 2010 and the USA & Canada supporting Mumford & Sons in October 2010. The Staves supported the band’s UK tour dates.

The band launched a Tumblr blog on 6 November 2014

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, prompting speculation that the band are recording a new album during Keane’s hiatus stainless steel cycling water bottle. This was later confirmed by band member Jesse Quin on his Twitter feed.

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Hamida Barmaki

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Mexico Home M.LAYUN 7 Jerseys

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. Hamida Barmaki (4 coffee bottle thermos. januar 1970 – 28. januar 2011) var en kendt afghansk juraprofessor og menneskerettighedsaktivist. Hun og hele hendes familie blev dræbt i et selvmordsangreb.

Hamida Barmaki blev født i Kabul d. 4. januar 1970. Efter at have dimitteret fra Ariana High School i Kabul (1977-1987) studerede hun jura ved fakultetet for jura og statskundskab på universitetet i Kabul. Hendes fremragende resultater gjorde det muligt for hende at blive en af de første kvinder i Afghanistan, som gjorde juridisk karriere. For at lære mere om juraen i praksis fulgte hun statsadvokatens efteruddannelse i perioden 1990-1991, før hun vendte tilbage til universitetet i Kabul som juraprofessor (1992-2011). Hendes primære akademiske interesse var de grundlæggende spørgsmål inden for den borgerlige ret. Hamida Barmaki var en af de få afghanske forskere, som dybdegående havde studeret både de islamiske og de romersk-tyske retskilder, der udgør grundlaget for Afghanistans blandede retssystem. Hendes værker omfatter talrige akademiske artikler og bøger på dari, herunder en afhandling om ”Fortolkningen af love” (Kabul Universitet, 2002) og en kandidatafhandling på engelsk (Bologna Universitet, ikke-udgivet, 2004). Hendes sidste værk, en stor bog om obligationsret, bliver færdiggjort af akademiske fæller. Formålet med Hamida Barmakis akademiske virke var at give en grundig forståelse af det komplekse juridiske system i Afghanistan. For at opnå dette brugte hun ikke kun de klassiske fortolkningsmetoder inden for islamisk og sekulær ret, men beroede tillige på komparativ juridisk analyse som et redskab til at finde løsninger på juridiske problemer fra andre retssystemer. Hun studerede den nødvendige litteratur på dari, engelsk og arabisk. På universitetet var hun beundret af sine studerende og kollegaer for sine analytiske evner og sit tålmodige og venlige indstilling over for alle, hun mødte.

Udover at dimittere fra fakultetet for jura og statskundskab på universitetet i Kabul tog professor Barmaki en kandidatgrad i udvikling, innovation og forandring (MiDic) ved universitetet i Bologna, Italien. I december 2010 modtog hun et stipendium til en juridisk doktorgrad fra (Hamborg, Tyskland). Ved sit eget fakultet kæmpede Hamida Barmaki for at oprette et LL.M program, da hun anså det for at være et essentielt redskab til at udvikle en ny generation af elitejurister, som der er hårdt brug for i Afghanistan.

Ved siden af sin akademiske karriere var Hamida Barmaki aktivt optaget af menneskerettigheder fra en ung alder. Allerede som ung vært på Radio Television Afghanistan (1985-1987) udviklede hun en særlig interesse for kvinderettigheder. Under borgerkrigen i Afghanistan skrev hun et essay med titlen ”Kvinders rolle i den sociale genopbygning af Afghanistan” (Afghanistan-i-Fardah pjece, 1993). Hun kombinerede sit akademiske virke med en ikke-voldelig, opslidende politisk kamp for at fremme rettighederne for de mest udsatte i det afghanske samfund. Efter Taliban-regimets fald kunne hun arbejde offentligt og var omgående udnævnt til en række betydningsfulde stillinger. Hun tjente som medlem af Kvinderådet på universitetet i Kabul (2002-2011), som repræsentant i de såkaldte undtagelsesstorjirga (2002) og fredsjirga (2009). Hun grundlagde tillige sin egen menneskerettighedsorganisation, ”Khorasan Legal Service Organisation”, i 2009. KLSO sigtede primært til at fremme befolkningens bevidsthed om deres rettigheder samt tilbyde gratis juridisk hjælp til kvinder og andre marginaliserede grupper. Samme år blev hun af præsidentpaladset nævnt som en mulig kandidat til posten som minister for kvindeanliggender.

Fra marts 2008 til sin død arbejdede Hamida Barmaki som repræsentant for (MPIL), et forskningsinstitut beliggende i Heidelberg (Tyskland). Sammen med et afghansk-tysk hold af forskere tog hun initiativ til og implementerede projekter, som havde til formål at modernisere the juridiske institutioner i landet, særligt den afghanske højesteret, udvikle en akademisk kultur på internationalt niveau i retsvidenskaben samt forbedre den eksisterende lovgivning.

Andre betydningsfulde stillinger omfatter projektkoordinator for Institut International Pour Les Études Comparatives (IIPEC), leder af National Center for Policy Research ved fakultetet for jura og statskundskab på universitetet i Kabul (2006-2008), juridisk rådgiver for Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit (AREU), direktør for Women’s Islamic Rights Awareness Program of The Asia Foundation (2004), programbestyrer for Afghan Women Lawyers’ Council (2003-2004), medlem af UNIFEM Gender and Law Commission (2003-2004) samt vicedekan for fakultetet for jura og statskundskab (2002).

I 2009 blev Hamida Barmaki udpeget til børnerettighedskommisær for Afghanistans Uafhængige Menneskerettighedskommission (AIHRC) the lemon press, mens hun stadig udførte sine opgaver for Max Planck Instituttet. Gennem sin nye stilling opnåede hun et nationalt såvel som internationalt ry. Hamida Barmaki var dybt optaget af børnenes sårbarhed i det krigshærgede Afghanistan, og hun rejste til mange provinser for at rådføre sig hos AIHRC-folk og efterforske sager. Hun initierede tilmed forskning på området og kritiserede åbent regeringen. Et af resultaterne var en undersøgelse af børnemisbrug, som indikerede stigende tal. Umiddelbart efter udgivelsen af undersøgelsen stod Hamida Barmaki for det første MPIL-AIHRC seminar om kvinder og børns rettigheder. Samtidigt begyndte hendes kamp mod rekrutteringen af mindreårige drenge til de afghanske sikkerhedsstyrke, hvor mange af dem bliver misbrugt, og mod skikken bacha bazi (seksuel udnyttelse af drengebørn) at vise resultater. En gensidig aftale mellem repræsentanter fra henholdsvis den afghanske stat og de Forenede Nationer skulle efter planen have været underskrevet to dage efter drabet på Hamida Barmaki. Professor Barmaki var også optaget af spørgsmålet om børneægteskaber. Sammen med civilsamfundsaktivister, akademikere og jurister fra statsinstitutioner havde hun udviklet ægteskabsformularer og andre måder at beskytte mindreårige piger på.

Hamida Barmaki indtog også et klart standpunkt i den løbende debat om relevansen af traditionel sædvaneret i det afghanske retssystem. På baggrund af sin erfaring med mange menneskerettighedssager gjorde hun sig til stærk fortaler for et moderne domstolssystem i vestlig stil, som havde eksisteret indtil den afghanske borgerkrig, og hun opponerede imod forslag om at formalisere traditionelle institutioner og traditionelle former for konfliktløsning, som for eksempel pashtunske jirgaer (stammeråd), som er notoriske for at ignorere kvinder og børns rettigheder.

Fredag d. 28. januar 2011 blev Hamida Barmaki, hendes mand Dr. Masood Yama (født 1968) – doktor i medicin ved Sardar Mohammad Daoud Khan Hospitalet og direktør for Monitoring and Evaluation of Deputy Minister of Finance for Policy, samt seniorrådgiver for Cluster Secretariat – og deres fire børn Narwan Dunia (født 1995), Wira Sahar (født 1997), Marghana Nila (født 2000) Ahmad Belal (født 2007) dræbt i et selvmordsangreb på supermarkedet ”Finest” in Kabul.

Mindst to andre blev dræbt ved samme angreb, og 17 mennesker blevet såret. Blandt de døde var også en ung kvindelig dommer ved navn Najia, datter til Siddiqullah Sahel, som havde mødt Hamida gennem det juridiske træningsprogram organiseret af Max Planck Instituttet (MPIL), som Hamida havde koordineret til støtte for højesteretten i Afghanistan i 2009. Såvel Hezbi Islami som Taliban påtog sig ansvaret for mordet. Dog sagde en mand, som tilstod og blev dømt for sin rolle i angrebet, at han tilhørte Haqqani-netværket. Angrebet kom fuldstændig uventet, da den slags angreb sjældent sker i weekenden i Afghanistan. Baggrunden for angrebet er stadig uklar: Det kunne have været rettet mod folk fra det privatesikkerhedsfirma Academi (tidl. Blackwater og Xe), mod franske diplomater eller mod en højtstående afghansk politiker. Kommentatorer rettede skarp kritik mod den kendsgerning, at den afghanske regering var åbenlyst involveret i fredsdrøftelser med de samme organisationer, som påtog sig ansvaret for denne ekstreme voldshandling mod civile.

Hamida Barmaki efterlod sig sine forældre Rahimuddin og Anissa, fire søstre og fire brødre, samt sin svigermoder, den navnkundige tidligere senator og medlem af forfatningstilsynsudvalget, juraprofessor Mahbooba Huqoqmal. Flere end totusinde venner og kollegaer kom til Shohada-e Salehin gravplads, da familien blev begravet d. 29. januar 2011, og flere end titusinde mennesker deltog i en mindehøjtidelighed i Kabuls store Id Gah moske. Verdenspressen, herunder New York Times, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung og La Repubblica, reporterede fra begivenheden. AIHRC organiserede en imponerende sørgeceremoni d. 1. februar 2011. Umiddelbart efter sin død begyndte Hamida Barmaki at blive husket som en ”shahid” (”martyr”). Dog var der også de, som advarede imod brugen af denne term, da den ligeledes bruges af terrororganisationer og dermed ikke afspejler Hamida Barmakis fredelige og tolerante væsen. Det bemærkes, at debatten om hendes eftermæle viser, at hun er blevet et symbol i Afghanistan.

Hendes akademiske fællers planer om at etablere et mindested på campus og et moderne jurabibliotek opkaldt efter hende på universitetet i Kabul blev blokeret af universitet på trods af, at den tyske regering havde tilbudt den nødvendige finansiering af projektet. Et portræt, som allerede var blevet malet til brug for biblioteket, blev givet til AIHRC. En anmodning om at få opkaldt rundkørslen foran ”Finest”-supermarkedet efter hende venter på godkendelse fra præsidenten af Afghanistan. Nogle af Hamida Barmakis nærmeste kollegaer grundlagde Hamida Barmaki Organization for the Rule of Law (HBORL) i Kabul. Denne almennyttige NGO blev opkaldt efter hende til ære for hendes enorme dedikation til retssikkerheden og menneskerettighederne i Afghanistan. HBORL blev registreret ved the afghanske økonomiministerium d. 26. juni 2013 (registreringsnr. 2991). Ydermere har Max Planck Foundation for International Peace and Rule of Law opkaldt et akademisk program efter hende og tilbyder et ”Hamida Barmaki ph.d. stipendium” til afghanske jurister, særligt juridiske universitetsundervisere. HBORL og Max Planck Foundation arbejder tæt sammen. Universiteterne i Leicester (Storbritannien) og Graz (Østrig) har organiseret events for at mindes professor Barmakis engagement i retssikkerhed og menneskerettigheder.

Hendes søster, digteren Abeda Sakhi, skrev ”Haven” i hendes minde.

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Expédition 23 (ISS)

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Vous pouvez partager vos connaissances en l’améliorant (comment  glass water bottle with lid?) selon les recommandations des projets correspondants.

Insigne de la mission

Équipage de l’expédition 23

de gauche à droite : Mikhail Kornienko, Tracy Caldwell, Alexander Skvortsov, Oleg Kotov, T.J. Creamer, Soichi Noguchi


L’Expédition 23 est le 23e roulement de l’équipage permanent de la Station spatiale internationale (ISS).

Cette expédition débute après le départ de 3 des membres de l’équipage de l’Expédition 22 vers le 18 mars à bord de Soyouz TMA-16 exercise waist pouch. L’équipage de l’expédition est constitué initialement du russe Oleg Kotov de l’Agence spatiale fédérale russe RSA, du japonais Soichi Noguchi (JAXA) de l’américain Timothy Creamer (NASA). Ils sont rejoints vers le 4 avril par Aleksandr Skvortsov (RSA), Mikhail Korniyenko (RSA) et Tracy Caldwell (NASA) à bord de Soyouz TMA-18. Le commandant de l’expédition est Oleg Kotov. Ce roulement s’achève avec le départ d’Oleg Kotov bottled water for toddlers, de Soichi Noguchi et de Timothy Creamer vers le 15 mai à bord de Soyouz TMA-17.

L’expédition 23 doit être rejoint vers le 5 avril par la mission STS-131 de la navette spatiale Discovery.

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Bogdan Pisz

Posted by darren - febrero 21st, 2017

Bogdan Pisz (ur. 7 sierpnia 1963 roku w Jaśle) – polski piłkarz grający w czasie kariery jako obrońca, trener piłkarski.

Występował w LKS Jankowy, Gliniku Gorlice, Legii Warszawa, Zagłębiu Lubin, Śląsku Wrocław built water bottle sleeve, a ostatnio w Odrze Chobienia.

Były asystent trenera Mirosława Jabłońskiego w Zagłębiu Lubin, Amice Wronki oraz Wiśle Płock, a także asystent Stefana Majewskiego i później Jerzego Wyrobka w Zagłębiu Lubin.

Były trener Pelikana Łowicz (sezon 2007/2008).

Świerk (1980–1983) · Różański (1983–1985) · Szerszenowicz (1985–1987) · Łysko (1987–1988) · Świerk (1988–1990) · Putyra (1990–1992) · Płaczek (1992–1993) · Fiutowski (1993–1994) · Korczak (1994) · Dragan (1994) · Wojno (1994–1995) · Stańczyk (1995) · Strejlau (1995–1996)&nbsp water bag for running;· Dragan (1996) · Topolski (1996–1997) · Kowalski (1997) · Szarmach (1998) · Pisz (1998) · Jabłoński (1998–2001) · Majewski (2001) · Wyrobek (2001–2002) · Nawałka (2002) · Wojno (2002–2003) · Topolski (2003) · Olarević&nbsp blade meat tenderizer;(2003) · Besek (2003–2005) · Smuda (2005–2006) · Klejndinst (2006) · Michniewicz (2006–2007) · Ulatowski (2007–2008) · Jończyk (2009) · Lenczyk (2009) · Lesiak (2009) · Smuda (2009) · Bajor (2009–2011) · Urban (2011) · Hapal (2011–2013) · Buczek (2013) · Lenczyk (2013–2014) · Stokowiec (od 2014)

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